Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Day at the Market

So much delicious food!

I love food!  And I love the Halifax Farmer's Market.  If you haven't been yet, I suggest you go...soon!  The new market space at Pier 20 is wonderful. .  The best part about the market is being in direct contact with your farmer.  You can ask questions about the life of your food and where it's come from, if it's been sprayed, what variety it is, and even cooking ideas.  If you're like me, you could even go to the cheese counter and ask them to explain about the life of their cows.  Everyone is happy to talk about their product at the market because no one has anything to hide.  It's a wonderful feeling of being surrounded by people who are proud of their product and to know that there has been very little 'damage' (environmentally, ethically and morally) in the process of getting that product from seed to grocery bag.

The market is going to be open more often now which will allow us to be a step closer to natural food sources.  Instead of buying apples from New Zealand at the grocery store we can pick up some Nova Scotian varieties from the market.  Better to buy what's local, less travelled and more nutritious and support our provincial farmers. 

I bought basil, which I made into pesto, purple potatoes which I hallowed out after boiling and then baked them until crispy and finally filled with the pesto, collard greens which I steamed and tossed with the pesto and orange cherry tomatoes which I tossed in a hot pan until they were ready to burst.  With the potato filling I mixed in some pesto and mashed it together forming patties which I then fried.  It was a superb meal and one that I could use each part of with other meals, appetizers or sides.  For a more detailed description of what I made, be sure to look at My Little Vegetarian Kitchen blog in which I post some recipes and show you my cooking experiments.  

Remember to find enjoyment in food.  Look at it as an energy source and question which energy it has developed in.  Use it to nourish your body and entice your taste buds, and slow down and enjoy the process of shopping, creating, cooking and eating. 

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  1. I feel that fruits are the healthiest foods. I bought some crisp red grapes. The kids of a neighbor came by and I was outside eating grapes. I offered them some (boy [Dylan]-age 8 and girl [Chandra] -age 5). They loved them. They acted like they were prince and princess being served exotic gourmet food. It was like the best snack they ever ate. These red grapes were really crisp that makes them taste better.

    A week later they saw me and Dylan thanked me for the grapes. There are over 45,000 different fruits including peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. Nuts and seeds are hard fruit and I just learned that grains are fruit.

    Fruits come from the reproductive system so you can eat fruits without hurting the plant at all (karma). Beans are also fruit. A queen of England said that mangosteen is the best tasting fruit. Others say that cherimoyas are the best tasting fruit. Cocktail grapefruits are great. There is a type of avocado that is as smooth as butter and as sweet as ice cream. They rarely have this avocado and cocktail grapefruit-- once a year.

    Gac fruit has 40 times the lycopene in tomatoes. Camu camu fruit has 30 times the vitamin C content of oranges. There are 2 villages where 60% of their diet is acai fruit. Acai has the same oils that are in olives and the same amino acid profile as eggs. Webmd has an article saying that orange juice lowers high blood pressure. Please note again that all this is without harming the plant at all!